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Tracer's gameplay for The Oregon Trail (IPHONE)

Tracer played The Oregon Trail

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Tracer said...
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Update on my quest for completion on Oregon Trails, I’m now at 49 out of 51 trophies and it only took me one more play through than I hoped, bring my total to three. It was my fault for thinking that the hard mode would unlock the trophies for the playing certain mini-games on hard, but it turns out they can only be unlocked in very hard mode. So, if you play the game and hope to get those trophies learn from my mistake. Nevertheless, the only real trophy I need now is to get the kids attacked by a bear and eaten by a snake in the same trip. It is kind of a twisted thing if you ask me, but go figure. The other trophy is achieved once I do that one since I have already received the others.
The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail (IPHONE)

Genre/Style: Educational/History
Release Date: 09/MAR/09
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