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Tracer's gameplay for MySims Agents (WII)

Tracer played MySims Agents

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Tracer said...
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I finished MySims Agents today. Every case and dispatch mission is done with the trophy case fully complete. I believe I received every outfit, all the furniture, and all the recruits since I have been everywhere and touched everything that even hinted at the word 'inspect.' The unfortunate thing is there is no real compiled list for what you can get in the game. The game, itself, was not at all hard, except for a few 'repair' puzzles during the middle of the game. And really you can not go wrong in this game if you just slow down and look around for anything you might have missed during the case. The only thing that is messed up is that the very last important mission has to be done by your recruits and not you. That's simply not fair, but go figure why the game designer decided to do it that way. It forced me to wander around the HQ lobby until they phoned in the results of the mission since I did everything else. Well, it was cute game and fun while it lasted with a MySims game you really can not ask for anything more then that. From the true ending, I gather that it may not be the last MySims Agent that will hit the gaming shelves...
MySims Agents

MySims Agents (WII)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date: 29/SEP/09
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